NeoTerra Systems' Product Line

Software Solutions

Products range from simple messaging to sophisticated fleet management solutions. Designed with the end user in mind, NeoTerra products are feature rich, yet simple to use. Clear, colour coordinated screens with intuitive 'workflow' designed layouts allow users to operate the solutions with a minimum of computer knowledge and training. The range of products have the same 'look and feel'. This allows a migration path without costly and time consuming conversion.

The primary hardware platform supported by NeoTerra is Motorola. The NeoTerra GPS fleet management solutions utilize either Microsoft MapPoint or raster (bitmap images) to suit both North American and International markets.

Hardware Solutions

NeoTerra Solutions has integrated telematics and add-on hardware devices to MotoTRBO.

• Logic box, software and mobile display products

• Design2000
MOTOTRBO™ Telephone Interconnect- TurboTact

Consulting Services/Custom Solutions

NeoTerra can provide consulting services on a wide range of telecommunications topics. Custom software solutions can be developed related to the functionality of the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ hardware platform.

MotoTRBO Products

The suite of NeoTerra software and hardware products for Motorola Two-Way Mobile Radio Systems

neoConneX Products
neoConneX MultiGate XRC9000
zapMail Products
TurboTact Telephone Interconnect for MotoTRBO
MotoTRBO Accessories for use with NeoTerra products.
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